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How to clean sports cap? How can we protect it so that the shape of the hat is not deformed?

1. How to clean a baseball cap like bai
(1) The LOGO part of the brim and crown must not be soaked in water and soaked.
The brim is made of Oxford lining. There is no shape when soaked, so I can’t save it
(2), pay attention to the water temperature
Don’t use too high temperature water, everyone may think that the higher the du temperature, the cleaner the cleaning, but the excessively high temperature will deform the baseball cap, so choose the appropriate water temperature when cleaning.
(3) Be careful not to machine wash,
The shape of the baseball cap is fixed, and the machine washing will cause the hat to deform. When washing by hand, do not rub too much. It is best to use a toothbrush to scrub, which will not damage the hat.
(4) Fill the hat with crumpled paper and cloth when drying, you can replace it with clothes, dry it in the shade, then dry it again, keep the hat shape, and avoid hanging to dry.
2. Maintenance of baseball cap
Each baseball cap has its own fixed shape. This is because during the production process, special materials are used to fix the dao, so when you don’t wear a hat, you should put the baseball cap in a suitable size box. It should be placed in a dry place, so that the shape of the cap version will not be damaged due to moisture.

Post time: May-25-2020
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