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Hat’s various matching skills

a. The face of the melon seeds is suitable for wearing all kinds of hats, but the depth of the hat type should be moderate, so as to expose about 1/3 of the face shape;

b. For square face people, the hat shape should be proportionately higher, and the face should be exposed 3/4, suitable for octagonal hats, cowboy hats, curling caps, hats, etc.;

c. For round-faced people, the hat should be designed as a square, pointed or polygonal shape, suitable for berets, caps, military caps, knight caps, etc.;

d. For long-faced people, the hat should not be too high, otherwise the face will appear longer, and the face should be exposed 2/3, suitable for fisherman hats, big hats, etc.

e. Diamond face girls, choose a round cap that makes the lines round, it is not appropriate to choose a cap.

Hat and body matching skills

a. Those who are tall and tall should not be small when choosing a hat, otherwise they will give a top-heavy feeling.

b. It is not advisable for a tall man to wear a high-cap, and a short man should not wear a flat-topped wide-brimmed hat.

Matching skills of hat and skin color:

a. A person with a ruddy complexion can coordinate with many colors, but don’t wear a too red hat;

b. People with yellow skin should wear hats of dark brown and beige, etc. It is not suitable to wear yellow and green hats;

c. When people with dark skin choose a hat with bright colors, they should pay attention to the overall effect of dressing, and match the hat effect according to the clothing;

d. For people with white skin, the hat is suitable for more colors, but because the skin is too white, it is easy to give people a soft feeling, so when choosing the color of the hat, avoid choosing white or approximate color.

Post time: Nov-15-2020
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